Lady Lent
Lady Lent
Lady Lent


  • Name: Zoe / Zoi
  • Where are you from: Athenian, born and raised
  • Where are you from: Maternal - Asia Minor & Northern Greece / Paternal - Kefalonia
  • Reside: London, UK (for now)

As an observant and curious child, watching my mother and grandmother prepare food in the kitchen always peaked my interest. They would tie their hair back, put on their aprons, pick me up and place me on the counter - preferably somewhere where I could oversee, occasionally help out, but not be in the way. From there, I watched and learnt.

None of it ever looked easy, or straightforward. They took equal time and care in preparing the ingredients, as they did cooking them. The lettuce never came washed in a plastic bag and ready to eat, the chickens still had the occasional feather that needed burning off, the artichokes required to be carefully peeled and rubbed with lemon so as not to go brown, and so on and so forth. Most importantly, everything they prepared for us to eat was seasonal.

Seasonal cooking wasn't optional - it was a way of life. We enjoyed, relished and (where possible) preserved what was made available to us by the seasons.

I've felt an apparent and uncomfortable disconnect with my not-so-distant eating habits. Through Lady Lent, I hope to at least stop that disconnect from widening any deeper.